Freedom for the Bahrain 13 Campaign

BAHRAIN 13 The “Bahrain 13″ are a group of prominent opposition prisoners in Bahrain who …

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hussain hubail

Hussain Hubail: June’s Champion for Justice

Hussain Hubail Hussain Hubail is an award-winning freelance photographer whose work has been published by …

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Wefaq calls for action on Bahrain Dry Dock prison

2ND UPDATE: Bahrain Courts Postpone American Teen’s Trial Yet Again

Bahrain prosecutors further delayed proceedings in the case of 17-year old Virginia native, Abdulla Jaffar, …

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Abdulla Madan

American Teen on Trial in Bahrain Calls for Human Rights Protections for All Child Prisoners

An American teen imprisoned in Bahrain is calling for human rights protections for all Bahraini …

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Ten-Year Old Speech Offenders: Bahrain’s New Violations of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

In early December, the Government of Bahrain arrested two children, Jehad Nabeel al-Samee, age 10, …

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